What Does An Accountant’s Job Entail

What Does An Accountant’s Job EntailsWhat does an accountant’s job description entail besides doing calculations?

An accountant handles varied financial tasks that revolve around figures. While knowing Maths is the primary element in the profession, an accountant should also have excellent organisation skills for financial documents.

Below we have listed some of the specific job areas that an accountant would carry out.


Accountants handle bookkeeping, which is the maintenance of a company’s financial records.

moneyIn bookkeeping, the accountant will manage the business’ payroll, account payable, create balance sheets, account receivable, and other credit and debit related tasks. The accountant will track the movement of money within the business or organisation, to note how much is spent and owed.

Having the exact financial figures is important because it makes the difference between keeping a company afloat or out of business.

The amount of data the accountants handle is high and often with complex formulas. As such, accountants are expected to be detail-oriented with a high level of proficiency in statistics, Maths, and organisation skills to ensure correct records.

Tax Preparation

Accountants who specialise is tax preparations can work for an individual, private and public companies or organisations.

The global perception on the preparation of taxes and tax reports is an accountant’s prerogative. Accountants are tasked with the duties of determining how much taxes a person, business, or organisation owes the government, preparing the tax returns, and ensuring the proper and timely filing of taxes to avoid any legal penalties.

Accountants can help businesses to find ways to decrease the amount of taxes they owe the government, but these are strategies that should be within the law.

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Your CV And Why It Is So Important For Success

cv writerThe vast majority of companies and businesses today are asking to see your CV before you even officially apply for a position. Having a professional and detailed CV is a must for success.

There are many professional CV writers that can take all your information and compile a curriculum vitae that will get you to that first stage interview then it’s down to you.

If you decide to produce your own CV, read on for our best advice.

What is a CV?

A CV, which as you may know, stands for Curriculum Vitae, is nothing more than a detailed history of your accomplishments and previous positions. The CV is in the form of a list of educational background, previous employers, academic interests, honours, awards, professional memberships, credentials and awards. You may also want to include a list of references.

The CV gives an accurate view of your personal and professional life to any potential employers. Even though the employers ask for a CV, they are not likely to spend more than a few seconds glancing over the details. This makes delivering that spectacular display that differentiates your CV from those of the other applicants all the harder.

Knowing your CV will be glanced over, makes the use of captivating keywords, those you know are relevant to the job in hand, so much more important. Be sure to present all the awards, experience and positions that you have relevant to the job at hand. This could mean that you tweak your resume for each job you are applying for, with this extra attention to detail is what makes you stand out in a crowd.

Keep Details Accurate— When it comes to taking account of your accomplishments and professional records, it is essential that you are truthful. The truth always comes out eventually, either during the initial interview or further down the line.

Cover Gaps — It is the gaps between employment and studies that the CV will draw the most attention. Be sure to list the month and the year for each employer you list. Recruiters and employers will be notoriously cynical about these gaps and are looking for reasons to move on to the next applicant. If you were unemployed for a specific period list that on the CV.

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Save The Environment Today By Using Reusable Carrier Bags

Printed Reusable Carrier BagsTo many people tossing away one plastic carrier bag doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. This however isn’t true, as there are billions of people on earth, and if each person throws away a plastic bag every day, then pollution would be immense.

Taking the first step to saving the environment by making use of reusable carrier bags would, however, make a difference in the world we live in today. This would significantly reduce the number of plastic bags ending up in landfills.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are some of the primary sources of pollution in the world today. These bags take an extremely long time (over 500 years) to completely decompose.

save the planetWith over a billion plastic bags being used in one day in the United States alone, it then means that it would take an eternity for these bags to decompose completely.

The sad thing about plastic bags is that only a mere 1% of these bags are recycled every year. This means more and more plastic bags are ending up in landfill sites each day. Some of the biggest contributors to plastic waste include:

  • Debris on US beaches (totaling to 10%)
  • More than one trillion bags are used each year globally
  • More than a mile’s worth of petroleum is used to manufacture one plastic bag
  • Decomposing Plastic

The plastic material is non-biodegradable, meaning it doesn’t decompose. Instead, plastics break down into smaller particles that absorb toxins. It is, however, worth noting that plastic bags break down much faster when exposed to sunlight through photogeneration.

The only disheartening news about this is that scientists cannot fully confirm that the tiny plastic particles decompose any further in the same way as biodegradable materials do. This means there is a higher likelihood that these small particles can contaminate soil, wildlife, and water.

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The Important Of Invoice Financing To Recruitment Agencies

Where Do I Start Concept text on background

Every business out there can benefit from having a professional handle their invoices. Recruitment agencies are one of the businesses that receive vast benefits from this particular service.

Using factoring for recruitment agencies means that more cash will be flowing through the business in be able to fund each persons work placement. Whether you decide to choose invoice discounting or factoring, there is no doubt that you will have found an effective way to help you do business with other companies.

Reasons Recruitment Companies Should Think About Invoice Finance Services

Since there are so many recruiting agencies that have benefited from the services offered by invoice finance companies, several packages have been created. Some of them offer payroll services.

In many cases, debtors are assets when it comes to recruitment company balance sheets. It is very difficult to take care of these financial bumps while still managing to have enough money flowing through your business.

Using these services will allow agencies to release any cash from unpaid invoices in as little as a day. Payroll costs can be taken care of once they are due. Since the fees are not enormous, it makes the services more appealing than ever.

Invoice factoring For Recruitment Companies

If you do not have enough time to handle all of your business tasks, you should consider invoice factoring services. This will allow you to work with someone who can invest time and effort into managing your debt and collecting any money owed to you.

Having your credit under control is crucial because of the payment schedules you must follow. If one of your longtime clients is not able to pay promptly, you cannot delegate the expected funds to some other part of your business. As a recruitment rep, it is your job to make strategic decisions, and they must be based on facts.

An invoice factoring expert can help familiarise you with new clients. They will conduct any background checks that are needed to ensure you will get your payments on time.

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